General Information

HappyHowlers Full Groom                                                               

  • Health, behaviour and style consultation with owner
  • 7 point health check including nail clip
  • 3 step de-shedding treatment for relevant coats (reducing hoovering!)
  • Full brush out (including 5 minute allowance removal of minor tangles**)
  • Bath and hand styling blow dry (no cage dryers used)
  • Groom/clip/tidy as required
  • Finishing cologne
  • Groom feedback and aftercare advice

Full Groom prices start From £35.00

Full groom prices vary by breed, size (this can vary by breed), coat condition, behaviour and frequency of grooming. It can be difficult to give an exact price without seeing your dog & we won’t always know the full condition of your dogs coat. Any prices given over the phone will be estimates only until we actually see and handle your dog. In some cases, pricing can be higher than what was quoted due to the amount of work that may be actually entailed.

Happyhowlers mobile dog grooming can groom to breed standard or completely flex the style to suit you. We will discuss with you the style we feel will suit your pet best and how you like them to look and as long as the dog’s welfare is maintained, we will do all we can to meet your styling requirements.

Dematting Policy

I operate within the principles of the animal welfare act & will not cause pain or suffering to any animal in my care.  Therefore in line with the 2006 Animal Welfare Act, Happyhowlers will not de-matt any dog that is matted.

If you know your dog is severely matted please make me aware of this at the time of booking your appointment, as this process can be time consuming.

** Each groom has a 5 minute allowance for minor tangle removal. If the coat is more knotted a full  coat clip off will be done, followed by a regular grooming schedule will be discussed.

Full coat clips offs (Matted Dogs) will also incur an additional charge from £10 upwards, depending on the severity of matting, size & temperament of dog due to the additional time this process takes and the impact on the tools used.

Cancellation Policy

I am sure you will appreciate that every appointment made is allocated a time slot tailored to your dog’s specific needs.  This is why I ask that you would kindly give me 48 hours notice prior to your appointment should you need to cancel and I can offer the appointment to another eager pooch!

If you do have to cancel and give 48 hours notice there is  NO Charge

More than 24hrs notice but less than 48hrs notice 50% full grooming fee

24hrs or less notice 100% grooming fee will apply

No show/no parking charge 100% grooming fee will apply