Grooming Policies

Dogs are accepted for grooming under the following conditions:

1. The dog’s vaccinations are up to date.

2. All health issues are revealed at the time of consultation.

3. Fleas or ticks should be dealt with before bringing the dog for grooming. Infestations by parasites pose a risk to my other clients. In accordance with health and safety good practice I will need to thoroughly clean and treat my premises before my next customer. The charge is £15.

If I find fleas or flea eggs, I will shampoo your dog in an appropriate product (not an insecticidal agent) at an extra charge which is currently £5. Ticks will be also be removed for an additional charge. The first one is free and each subsequent tick is £1.

4. Matted Dogs need extra attention at their grooming session. Matts need to be removed safely, especially in difficult to reach foreleg armpit areas, inside of hind legs and under ears and tails. Matts left in a dog’s coat strain the skin to the point where it could break open, harbour bacteria and lead to skin infections.

Full coat clips offs (Matted Dogs) will  incur an additional charge from £10 upwards in addition to the grooming fee, depending on the severity of matting, size & temperament of dog due to the additional time this process takes and the impact on the tools used.

In extreme cases maggots have been found in infected wounds hidden in matts. It may be necessary to clip off the coat to a very short length in dogs whose coats are very matted. I will discuss this with you first if I feel this may be necessary.

Shaving of dogs will dramatically alter their appearance. It may also reveal skin complaints. The dog may be itchy and the skin may be a little red for a while. However, this should subside in a healthy animal and the coat should grow back normally.

5. Payment will be made on completion of the groom.

6. Owners must accept that if extensive extra work is needed due to coat condition, or dogs behaviour lengthens the time taken to groom this will be charged accordingly depending on how much extra time is required.

7. I reserve the right to refuse to groom an animal that presents a potential risk to me or itself. In these cases the full grooming fee will apply.

8. I do not groom sedated dogs.

Cancellation Policy

Every appointment made is allocated a time slot tailored to your dog’s specific needs.  This is why I ask that you would kindly give me 48 hours notice prior to your appointment should you need to cancel and I can offer the appointment to another eager pooch!

If you do have to cancel and give 48 hours notice there is  NO Charge

More than 24hrs notice but less than 48hrs notice 50% full grooming fee

24hrs or less notice 100% grooming fee will apply

No show or unable to park safely or near the house 100% grooming fee will apply