Grooming Prices


Full Groom prices start **from £35.00. Please contact us for a more detailed price for your  pooch. Full groom prices vary by breed, size (as this can vary by breed), coat condition, behaviour and frequency of grooming. It can be difficult to give an exact price without seeing your dog & won’t always know the full condition of your dogs coat. Any prices given over the phone will be estimates only until we actually see and handle your dog. In some cases, pricing can be higher than what was quoted due to the amount of work that may be actually entailed.

Happyhowlers Puppy Package:

It is important to introduce your puppy to grooming as early as possible after they have had all their vaccinations. At Happyhowlers we offer a puppy package that is a gentle introduction to grooming for puppies. The grooming process can be quite overwhelming for a puppy and therefore we will only groom a new puppy in stages. This ensures they are gradually introduced to grooming in a positive and comfortable way, and are not too stressed by the grooming process. Their first grooming experience will be one they remember and help them to enjoy many more.

Our Puppy Package (age 13 weeks to 6 months)  starts From £25 depending on breed and has 3 parts:

Stage 1 – Introduction to the groomer, the mobile salon, the table and tools
Stage 2 – Nail clipping, bath & dry, sanitary trim, face & bum tidy
Stage 3 – A full groom

The younger you can introduce your puppy to grooming the better. During the ‘sensitive’ stage of his development (13 weeks of age or as close to this as possible), is the best time for the first grooming introductions.